Your 3 Months Transformation From A Total Beginner To Profitable Investor Begins Here..

Gift Of Freedom (Complete Package)

This is the ultimate tool you need in order to become a super investor in 6 months!

In this super value for money package,
You'll gain access to :

A) Our Gift Of Freedom program.

This is our flagship investment training with the aim to bring you from a totally clueless beginner, to an investor who understands how investing works, where to find info about companies, how to analyse those info and decide whether a particular stock is a good investment. We will also look at real life case studies and how to allocate your money in your investment.

In short, after this 2 days program, you should be able to know whether a stock is a good buy, when to enter, what's the strategy to exit and how much should you buy. Bringing you from total newbie to smart investor/trader.

This program covers long term investment as well as short term trading.
You can choose to learn this via our recorded video lessons where you can start immediately, or you can join our monthly live version via webinar (where you can ask questions & follow the latest real life case studies), or you can wait for our live event version in Kuala Lumpur in end 2021.

B) 3 Months Access To Our Investor's Diary

Learning the basics via the course is just step one. Once you understand the basics, you'll also receive 3 months access to our investor's diary where you will get to see exactly what we are buying & selling now through our portfolio update & members only Telegram Channel & Facebook group. I mean, if you like, you can just copy whatever we do!

You'll also gain access to our weekly market outlook webinar. Every week, we will share what's the update with our portfolio, what stocks we may buy or sell next week, what's going on in the market and what you should watch out for. This is also your opportunity to share any questions or obstacles you have with us via an interactive session.

You will also receive our exclusive stocks research reports twice a month. This is where we do the homework on stocks and attend the company's investor briefing to get special insights. We then summarise these insights into a user friendly pdf report so you don't need to spend so much time doing research!

With these kind of support, you will be able to save time & avoid common mistakes by through our weekly guidance.

Here's a recap of what's included in this 3 months transformation program :


Gift Of Freedom (Complete Package)

All the tools you need in order to become a super investor in 3 months!

In this super value for money package :

You'll gain access to :

Our Gift Of Freedom program via the following methods :

A) Access to LIVE ONLINE training via Zoom of the Gift Of Freedom Lessons with Q&A Sessions, and Lifetime Access To Gift Of Freedom Video Lessons.

B) 3 Months Access To The Investor's Diary Club

The Investor's Diary Includes :

  • Facebook group where you can invest together with us via our Investment Club. Meng Teck and his team will use what they teach to apply on their own portfolio to trade/invest. Here, you can see what the team is investing/trading in and why including how much of our portfolio % we put in any stock, what price we entered and what price we will exit and we will update whenever we buy or sell a stock with our reasoning. (Includes Long Term Investment & Short Term Trading Stocks. Both Global (US, HK, ASX) & Malaysia). You can get inspired from other member's trade and sharing or you can participate in the discussion and also share your trades!

  • Weekly live sharing via a special “members only” web meeting to talk about current market outlook and what are the stocks we are looking at now.